The Somali Association of Western Finland (in Finnish LSSRY) is a registered non-for-profit umbrella organization that represents and functions for the interests of the community locally, regionally and on a national level.

The association carries out and provides a number of activities and services. LSSRY relentlessly and systematically follows up the living conditions of the community and based on that provides statements and makes proposals and initiatives.

The association lobbies at various levels and provides constant stream of support and information aimed all at advancing and empowering the community in particular and the wider community in general. We create a clear position on issues of concern, not only to our members, but to all concerned groups who are interested or involved in our activities.

LSSRY have organized and continues to arrange special events, trainings, seminars, workshops and roundtables and debates for Somalis and the Finnish as well as decision makers.

Activities LSSry is engaged include:

  • Guidance and advice on legal issues.
  • Supporting and promoting integration, multiculturalism and tolerance.
  • Anti-racism and discrimination advocacy.
  • Providing guidance and support in matters related to living,housing,working and education.
  • Empowering and encouraging youth to be active participants and citizens – supporting youth in identity formulation between two cultures and taking an active role to make a positive contribution to the mainstream society.
  • Assisting and working with local government agencies and other actors with activities intended to enhance social cohesiveness.
  • Promoting entrepreneurship. 
  • Encouraging proactive civil engagement and participation on all levels, and
  • Promotion of inter-faith and inter-cultural dialogue.

Furthermore, as part of the association’s commitment to promote, empower and strengthen the community in general,particularly women and children, the association gives particular attention on the well-being of the families in the community by assisting families in parenting and in conflict situations as well as on all other matters that need community level intervention.